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The Citra Clean range of powerful liquid cleaners are based on the natural solvent extracted from the peel of citrus fruits. The range includes highly concentrated, water based solvent solutions for use as industrial cleaners and degreasers.
Citra Clean products will replace petroleum solvents or chlorinated solvents such as 1.1.1 Trichloroethane.

Citra Clean is a safe & easy to use
bio-remediation liquid
manufactured with the
environment in mind.
  • Biodegradable, Non Toxic and Non Flammable.

  • Eliminates the Fire Hazard from spillage‚Äôs of Oil, Petrol & other Hydrocarbon based liquids.

  • Safe to use on Land and Water for Bio-remediation.

  • Citra Clean turns Oil Based Products into Stable Emulsions. 
  • Citra Clean Will Not Harm Marine Life.

Citra Clean is biodegradable.
Citra Clean is quick splitting, which means that it quickly separates from oils enabling both re-use of the cleaning solution and effective removal of the oils and contaminates before reclaim or disposal.
Citra Clean contains advanced surfactant technology, coupled with the powerful natural orange solvent, enables most types of soiling, including chewing gum and tar, to be lifted from the substrate and rinsed away with water.
Citra Clean is a water soluble liquid containing natural orange terpenes.

Citra Clean has; A pleasant, natural orange fragrance, A neutral pH of approximately 8.5 yet has a powerful and dilutable cleaning ability.

Citra Clean - We consider it to be an essential product for Oil Supply Industries, Companies using Lubricating & Insulating Oil based Products, Petrochemical Supply & Distribution, Rail Companies & Fire Authorities.

Citra Clean in manufactured by:
Bio- Productions Limited

72 Victoria Road

Victoria Industrial Estate

Burgess Hill

West Sussex

RH15 9LH

United Kingdom.