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Electric Utility
Western Power Distribution
“Your bio-remediation service for transformer bund areas reduced the need for disposal of contaminated chippings to zero for last year and has ended the routine transport & tipping of hazardous waste & consequential reduction of paperwork associated with consignment notes & licensed tips. The company intends to continue using this service into 2004 due to the high standards achieved.

The Citra Clean product is used by Water Tech UK
Citra Clean is a safe and easy to use bio-remediation liquid manufactured with the environment in mind.
Works on all liquid based Hydrocarbons
A minor oil leak from a 132kv transformer resulted in the failure of rainwater sump pumps.Water Tech were called in to clean up the oil spillage, clean concrete plinths and surface dressing.
An organic absorbent Sphag Sorb
was applied to encapsulate the free oil.
Rainwater was then removed.
The original chippings where cleaned on site
with Citra Clean. Saving the client the costs
associated with removing contaminated waste.
The above results achieved in just 3 days.

A 33kv transformer leaked oil over a period of time.
The above are typical problems faced by many Electricity Distribution Companies.