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Rail Network Operators

Water Tech UK work on behalf, of and supply products to UK network rail operators.
The product Citra Clean is used by Water Tech UK
Citra Clean is a safe & easy to use
bio-remediation liquid
manufactured with the
environment in mind.
Works on all liquid based Hydrocarbons
Following a diesel spillage to a rail line, the Citra Clean product was applied, agitated and power washed away,
lifting the diesel on contact.
Citra Clean is low- foaming and easily rinsed, biodegradable, highly dilutable and un- classified under CHIP and current EEC regulations. Citra Clean is ideal for industrial applications where quick separation of the cleaning solution from the soiling is important to minimise the risk of pollution.
The product will continue to act on the diesel in the ground, reclaiming the land, saving the client the costs associated with removing contaminated waste.
The above results achieved in just 2 days.

Diesel Spillage
to railway lines
Images are typical problems faced by many Network Rail Companies.