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Our Services include the following:
  • Remediation of oil contaminated ground.
  • Remediation of oil contaminated areas.
  • Sub-Surface Ground Investigation (Radar).
  • Collection of Wet Lead Acid and Ni-Cad cells.
  • Sales, Materials & Products.

Remediation of oil contaminated ground.

  • Water Tech UK offers a competitive service for the remediation of Oil Contaminated Ground. We use various respected products including Sphag Sorb & Citra Clean.
  • Unlike many of our competitors we will remediate oil contaminated soils on site rather than disposing of the material at landfill which will in its self will incur substantial costs.
  • Our cost effective on site remediation will satisfy the requirements of the Environment Agency.
  • When time is limited such that we are unable to remediate the oil contaminated soils in situ, (i.e. excavation in highways) we will suggest that a new infill material be made available. We will then remediate the oil contaminate soils at a local site to a level so that it may be classed as inert waste and accepted at a local landfill site. This process is cost effective and reduces the amount of contaminated waste, year on year that the client sends to landfill.
  • Our service is backed by laboratory analysis of soils with written results to the client.

Remediation of oil contaminated areas.

  • Water Tech UK offers a competitive service for the remediation of Oil Contaminated Areas.
  • Other companies may offer you a similar service, but in our experience they will generally only offer a service to remove from your site oil contaminated material; Water Tech choose whenever possible to remediate on site;
    • when substantial amounts of oil are present in areas holding rain water we will separate the oil from water in IBC containers and return the oil, in drums to the client for recycling.
    • Surface dressing will be remediated on site saving the client the associated costs of taking hazardous waste to landfill.
Following the remediation of oil contaminated areas, we offer a service of regular ongoing remedial works which includes:
    • Deploying high oil absorbent pads and booms around and in the vicinity of known oil leaks.
    • Regularly (at agreed intervals) changing the oil saturated pads.
    • Maintaining sump control equipment (cleaning probes) so that sump pumps remain operational, keeping areas free of rain water.
    • Reporting any defects to the client, and if required replacing any defective pumps or control equipment etc.
    • Monitor oil leaks from equipment and report to the client any increase in severity.

Sub-Surface Ground Investigation (Radar).

It is our opinion that this proven technology is the way forward for locating oil leaks in:  Underground High Voltage Oil Filled Cables.
Our modern techniques for locating underground leaks are non-intrusive, more accurate and cost effective compared to :
  • the traditional ‘Dig & Freeze’ methods and
  • other commercial methods currently available.
Our technicians will find your leak, give you a location and tell you the depth you need to excavate.
Other applications include :
  • Water, Gas & Steam Leaks
  • Pipeline Leaks
  • Leak Related Washouts or Voids
  • Location of Utility Services & Mapping
  • Location of Sub-surface unknowns, Inspection & Evaluation.

Collection of Wet Lead Acid and Ni-Cad Cells.

  • Water Tech UK offer a competitive service for the removal of redundant Lead Acid & Ni-Cad cells from your site to a licensed recycling receiving depot.
  • We fully understand that the disposal of all waste is fully controlled by the Environment Agency, and that redundant batteries are classified as ‘Hazardous Waste’, as such batteries have to be moved under ‘Special Waste’ regulations.
  • Many of our competitors offer a similar collection service but will only send a lorry and driver to site to collect pallets of cells and load via forklift truck, thus relying on the client to manually pack the redundant cells.
  • Water Tech UK appreciate that the clients staffing levels will not always allow for this time consuming exercise., as such our service is too;
    • Manually pack Lead Acid & Ni-Cad cells into sealed creates, load to a vehicle & transport from your premises to a licensed disposal site for recycling. We appreciate that in some instances cells will have to be individually manually handled from basement and upper floor levels to ground level, we are happy to undertake this task.

Sales, Materials and Products

The materials and products that we have available are too numerous to mention but key products fall into the following categories.
  • Citra Clean Concentrate & HP - is Biodegradable, Non Toxic and Non Flammable.  Approved by the UK Environment Agency. Eliminates the Fire Hazard from spillages of Oil, Petrol & other Hydrocarbon based liquids. Safe to use on Land and Water for Bioremediation. Citra Clean turns Oil Based Products into Stable Emulsions & Will Not Harm Marine Life.
  • Sphag Sorb.  This is a natural product, it is environmentally safe and outperforms all other industrial absorbents, it will encapsulate hydrocarbons (including PCBs) and most organic chemicals on contact. It works on land and water; it is non toxic, non-leaching and acts as a vapour suppressive. This product can be used for bio-remediation of oil contaminated land. Saving the client the costs associated with removing contaminated land to landfill sites. The use of this product is approved by the UK Environment Agency.
  • NatureSolve - AC. Cleaning Solution is pH balanced colloid, non-ionic surfactant concentrate formulated to remove:-  Petroleum based soils, fats, oils and greases. It will clean metal, plastic, rubber, porcelain, concrete and wood surfaces through a biodegradable proprietary formula safely, effectively and economically. 
  • Fluid Control                   
  • Absorbents & Spill Control, Spill Kits
  • Marine Response. Inshore / Offshore Booms etc
  • Fluid Handling.
  • IBC and Tank Storage
  • Safety Flooring, including anti slip GRP
  • Handylift Hydraulic. (Portable manhole and pit cover removal aid (HandyLift.pdf)