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As a result of the Prestige incident a substantial amount of oil washed ashore on Spain's Galician coast
Water Tech UK carried out work on behalf of the British Embassy; assisting with the clean up operation.
The Prestige - Carrying 500,000 barrels of oil
The product Citra Clean is used by Water Tech UK
Citra Clean is a safe & easy to use bio-remediation liquid manufactured with the environment in mind.
Citra Clean out performs many cleaners dedicated to marine, agricultural and industrial applications. It is low- foaming and easily rinsed, biodegradable, highly dilutable and un- classified under CHIP and current EEC regulations. Citra Clean is also ideal for industrial applications where quick separation of the cleaning solution from the soiling is important to minimise the risk of pollution. Citra Clean is:
  • Biodegradable, Non Toxic and Non Flammable.

  • Eliminates the Fire Hazard from spillage‚Äôs of Oil, Petrol & other Hydrocarbon based liquids.

  • Safe to use on Land and Water for Bio-remediation.

  • Citra Clean turns Oil Based Products into Stable Emulsions. 
  • Citra Clean Will Not Harm Marine Life.
 The Citra Clean product applied to contaminated areas & the emulsion power washed away.
Water Tech UK contributed in returning the Spanish coastline back to its natural beauty.